Office Space


Cayley Court

Manned Reception.

Various meeting spaces

24 hour access 7 days

Free car parking,

Tenant’s kitchen facilities.

Wheelchair accessible

Close Public Transport

Communal Cleaning.

Telephone System available.


William Street

Range of offices

3 floors with small and medium sized rooms.
High Speed fibre internet.

24 hour access 7 days.

Tenant Kitchen

Toilet Facilities.

Communal Cleaning

Town Centre

Queen Street

Queen street

Rustic creative setting, see above at how one client has used their space!

Equip with inter-com access

Tenant kitchen

Parking to the rear.

24 hour access 7 days.

Town Centre.

Communal Cleaning

Creative Centre


Auborough Street

Single Desk Offices

Offices for all of your team

24 hour access 7 days.

Free parking close to the town centre.

Tenant kitchen

Facilities available.

Wheelchair accessible.

Communal Cleaning

Cayley Court, Yorkshire Coast Enterprise Centre, William Street business centre, Central Chambers Business centre and Queen Street creative space. Each building has its own unique atmosphere and different services are available at each one for further details please contact [email protected] to discuss your needs.

As a new or existing business you need to have the space to develop and grow from the initial idea to a flourishing business. Our managed workspace gives you the room you need as well as providing a professional image. When you are ready to move into an office we have 5 buildings spread across Scarborough, each with it’s own unique atmosphere and offering different solutions to you needs.