Karen Ellis – Postnatal Rehabilitation Coach

My name is Karen Ellis, I am a Postnatal Rehabilitation Coach and baby-wearing fitness instructor. I help women who have just had babies return to exercise safely and build a strong postnatal core for life.

My journey here has most certainly not been a smooth one. In May last year I broke. Perhaps not a very PC way of describing it but that’s how it felt. My whole world fell apart, my mental health was at rock bottom which gave me debilitating physical symptoms and I had to give up my job as a fitness instructor.

Fast forward a year and it appears to me that happened for a reason. I was on a path that made me unhappy and I wasn’t following my purpose. You see, I used to be a midwife and working with women during their pregnancy, intrapartum and postnatal periods was what made me tick. It excited me and that was my passion. However, for lots of reasons midwifery didn’t work for me but the need to support women during this period in their lives stayed with me and was unfulfilled.

After I broke, in May last year, I spent quite some time working out my purpose and what it was that I needed to feel fulfilled with the support of Emma Ward at Yorkshire in Business and the Action Towards Inclusion Scheme. Once I had given myself time to work what exactly was missing from my life Postnatal Rehabilitation was an obvious path to take. I took about 6 months to research and write a business plan that involved in person baby-wearing classes, workshops and an online course. Emma forwarded me to Ian Shears working for Pinnacle People and the NEA scheme who helped me finalise my business plan and get to work. I was super excited to finally be working out my purpose and how to make a living out of it. I had no idea that Coronavirus was going to turn those plans upside down.

Coronavirus came unexpectedly, with a bang and made my business plan void. I was left with the decision of, wait and let it pass or adapt. I’ve never been a giver upper, so adapt I did. In person baby-wearing exercise classes turned online. The online course which is something that I had identified as an opportunity for the future suddenly became my here and now. I got to work right away. I did a month of online Baby-wearing classes to see how I could technically make them work and if there would be any interest. Then I got to work researching, filming and putting together an online course to build a strong postnatal core for life. In a month, boom, I had a membership ready to go.

And this is where my story ends, for now. I am launched with the help and encouragement of both Emma and Ian and ready for business. I have a modest take up of my membership, Facebook following and email list. This is month one and I am super proud of where I am now and ridiculous excited about what is to come in the future. And the most exciting part of it is that I have found that fire in my stomach, the lust for life and hope that I have an abundant life for myself and my children in front of me.