We are passionate about helping people to achieve their life goals. Whether you need business advice or wellbeing support, our key workers are here to help you improve your day to day life.

We will work with you to access the right support for you, as well as helping individuals in or out of employment. Contact us today to find out how we can help.


Through our ongoing Rise2Thrive project, we are currently looking to support individuals who feel they have a barrier in working to the best of their ability. Do you need mental or physical health support to ensure you're happy in your workplace? Do you need help getting back into employment or self employment? Contact our team today.

Our keyworkers are here to support you to:

  • Access health and mental health support through accessing our intervention partners and existing support in the community.
  • Increase your engagement in the communityintroducing you to local groups and events.
  • Find appropriate volunteering opportunitieshelping you identify and apply for the right positions.
  • Improve your skills and engage in educationhelping you recognise skills gaps & goals, then matching the appropriate provision.
  • Improve your finances assess current finances & benefits to ensure you are receiving everything you are entitled to & accessing financial support services.
  • Identifying the right path for youthrough open, honest and non-judgmental discussions.
  • Support you into education, self-employment and employment identifying barriers and implementing solutions.

Facing financial hurdles? We can help you find a solution to get your business started.

Lets sit down together and create a business plan, marketing plan & financial forecast to ensure you have the best possible chances of a successful start up.