Thistledown Flowers

Thistledown Flowers

Jenny Mathers

Hello, my name is Jenny and my business is Thistledown Flowers. I grow seasonal British flowers for gift bouquets and create bespoke arrangements for any occasion!


I care passionately about the environment so I don’t use any nasty pesticides or herbicides and our flowers patch is full of bees, butterflies, and insects galore. All our wrapping is recycled or reused/reusable and because our flowers are locally grown there are no air miles. I deliver locally in Scarborough, Filey and Pickering and also sell flowers from a stand outside my house in Snainton. Basically, to me, flowers are happiness and love and I think everyone deserves happiness and love in their life!


I decided to become self-employed when I lost my teaching assistant job in April 2019. I was pretty stressed out and miserable and wanted to do something that I loved but I had no idea how to do this and still pay the bills! I first met Jo from YIB when Caroline from Student Housing Scarborough dragged me along to a coffee meet. I was so nervous!

I felt like I would be out of place around all these proper business owners and I was just starting out and didn’t know a thing about how to run a business! Luckily, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and Jo took me under her wing straight away. She made me feel so welcome, introduced me to the support YIB could offer and put me in touch with Emma who has been my mentor, supporter and biggest champion ever since.


Thanks to support from YIB I am a registered sole trader and Thistledown Flowers is an official business!


Emma has helped me navigate everything from government paperwork and public liability insurance to developing a new logo, writing my business plan and of course the changes that have happened due to COVID 19. She is always full of creative ideas and solutions to any problem I throw at her. More than anything though, she helped to build my confidence up and helped me to believe in myself again. I am so very, very grateful. My business is growing and I have YIB to thank for that.