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So Visualise

Lisa Borrie

We spoke to the lovely Lisa Borrie of So Visualise about what’s going on during lockdown in her business.

“We’re still out there being strong, positive and colourful on social media. Even though lockdown has meant we can’t work with our clients in their retail and physical spaces, we’re still doing client work and innovating into how else we can help the business community.

We’ve been speaking with the Natural History Museum about creating bespoke clear protective screens for when they reopen after lockdown with protective social distancing measures. At So Visualise we’re looking at more creative branded designs that aren’t so clinical also other elements for vinyl’s being more colourful and possibly sharing interesting information.

We’re making it a point of interest, fun and eye catching!  There is still the opportunity to create and make visual stories online.  This would not only work well for our existing clients it would also work incredibly well for smaller independents.

We’re passionate about posting inspirational content and know that this is how businesses differentiate at this time!

It’s so important to have a positive outlook and have a fresh mindset for coming back after lockdown. We’re supporting smaller independent businesses with our Facebook group So Visualise Brand Tribe – why not pop over to Facebook and join the group?  It’s a community where we’re passing on our tips from our big clients to a community of independents and small businesses, helping people with their visualisation and visual storytelling.

This time in lockdown we’ve been so busy and have done more remote work than we thought would be possible for us!  It’s shown us we can widen the net on the type of organisations and brands we can work with in future.  There is nothing that can’t have an injection of creativity and fun to stand out in a saturated marketplace.

Why not join Lisa and her So Visualise brand tribe over on Facebook?

So what support has Lisa Received from Yorkshire in Business? We asked Lisa….

What stage was your business at when you received support from Yorkshire in Business?

“At the very beginning and knowing nothing about running a business!”

How have we helped your business?

“In so many ways that I am forever grateful! From start up business guidance and creating a business plan to constant ongoing business and emotional support. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am now in business without YIB. I feel so supported by them and trust them 100% that I now hire an office from them so they can’t get rid of me! Haha”

Which team Member did you receive support from and do you have any comments?.

“Everybody! Each and everyone is so important. Even if I haven’t worked directly with them on my business, they are all supportive and will give honest advice and emotional support with lunchtime laughter and free hugs!

Lisa also has also been featured In the Virgin Start up articles due to her accessing a Start up Loan through the team at Yorkshire in Business, early on in her business journey. Read her latest article on How to use Instagram:


Lisa rents an office with Yorkshire in Business at William Street Business Centre and accessed the Virgin Start up Loans that we deliver when she first set up the business. She is receiving ongoing support from team member Gail Wilks on her accounting and business financials.