Executive Hot Tub

Executive Hot Tub

Jon Threadgall

Executive Hot Tub provide customers in North Yorkshire luxury Hard Shell Hot tubs for Hire. Perfect for parties - we deliver and set up the hot tubs to their homes.

Everyone loves a Hot Tub and when we lived in London for a while we had hired one for a party and it was great fun. When we moved to North Yorkshire we found we could only hire cheap inflatable Hot Tubs - which lose heat quickly and don't offer the full hot tub experience. This is where I found a gap in the market to offer a premium, hard shell, Hot Tub Hire offering into the local area.

Peter Mitchell from Yorkshire in Business has helped me throughout the whole process and without him we would not have a business running today. He has given me great insight into business and is always at the end of the phone if I need advice.

He helped me gain a start up loan for 8000 the start up loan enabled us to buy a premium product that we wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise.

We used the £8k to purchase 2 x Hot Tubs, a trailer for delivery and all the accessories such as chemicals, steps and gazeebos in order to provide the full experience to the customer.

Reinvesting all of the profit into purchasing another 4 x Hot Tubs and being fully booked every weekend - this strong early growth meant that I was able to leave my day job and work full time on Executive Hot tub hire.