Creative Coaching Creative Cultures

Creative Coaching Creative Cultures

Robert Adams

Creative Coaching Creative Cultures supports individuals or business that are looking to change, improve or transform through personal, team, or leadership and management development.

I first came up with the idea when i was at a major change time in his life. I had experienced 3 deaths in the family and what I saw as a personal failure at work. I felt like I’d failed at everything. As an artist, as a leader and manager, as a son and as a partner. My life just seemed to be rolling on, purposeless, unravelling to nowhere and my relationship was suffering. It was my partner who saw the advert for a 2-day Free Introduction to Coaching through The Coaching Academy and I went along in a rather skeptical manner. This led to the Diploma in Personal Professional Coaching, to me becoming a Licensed DISC Trainer, and a real bringing together of all the previously DISConnected strands in my life I hadn’t realised had actually enriched me and what I have to offer.

When I first came upon DISC personality profiling I was blown away. It opened up an understanding of not just myself, my family and our dysfunctional past, of work cultures and the almost inevitability of the resulting successes and failures, but also of the whole gamut of interpersonal relationships we struggle with daily in our lives. It helped me understand my own and other people’s identities and behaviors, and gave me the route map to a transformed future. I came to realise I could use all my previous learning to support others who were looking for positive change, either in themselves or their business.

I first went to Yorkshire in Business for support starting up. But I had been running my business for 11 months when I applied returned for support to apply for a Virgin Start Up Loan. In that first year I have exceeded my 2015/16 financial forecast.

My business though had seen a shift from coaching (which is a one-to-one business approach) to online training and events (which are one-to-many business approaches). This required a different marketing approach and a shift in my mindset (and financial outlay).

Peter Mitchell from Yorkshire in Business was my mentor through starting my business and through the Virgin Start Up Loan application process. Peter was excellent in helping me bring a focus to my Business Plan, Financials and in generally keeping me on track.

My biggest achievement so far is undoubtedly my first book DISCover the Power of You How to cultivate change for positive and productive cultures, and secured publisher (John Hunt Publishing) for launch in August 2017.

So what’s next for my business?

  1. Write and publish my second book looking at self-awareness and personal development and how, and if, they interact with creativity and an entrepreneurial approach. And indeed if there is overlap between the ‘creative’ and the ‘entrepreneur’. Being based at Woodend is the perfect setting for researching this book.
  2. Set up and gather an audience for my new YouTube Channel, based initially on video interviews for the above research, and personal development sessions.
  3. Rebranding and automation for my online course offer in particular.