Support Programmes for the Unemployed

If you are not ready to move into self-employment but would still like to take steps towards your personal development goals then we can support you to overcome barriers and move closer towards employment or self-employment, as well as addressing a range of social issues such as poverty and social exclusion.

Our Key Workers Emma Ward and Emma Wolff will provide initial engagement, assessment and

ongoing support to you on the programme.

Activities will include:

  • Holistic assessment of each of your individual needs, followed by tailored support measures
  • Sign-posting and referrals to mainstream and other services, as necessary
  • Support to enable access to services for overcoming health related barriers
  • Accessible support to become work-ready

Our Programmes

ESF Community Grants

This organisation is a delivery partner for ESF Community Grants. ESF Community Grants are funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Education and Skills Funding Agency and the aim of the fund is to help unemployed people progress towards employment through access to learning and training opportunities.

ESF Logo

Action Towards Inclusion

Action Towards Inclusion is a £7.4 million project in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding over the next 3 years which is part of the national Building Better Opportunities programme, funded by the Big Lottery Fund and European Social Fund.

EU and BLF logos

Move Forward

Move Forward is an employability programme in York & North Yorkshire funded by European Social Fund and Department of Work & Pensions.


We are very passionate about helping people develop themselves and their ideas.
We offer high quality business support, to both start up and established businesses. Please get in touch with [email protected] today and see how we can help you. Please note that you may be asked to complete documentation prior to accessing our services, we will guide you so please don't let that put you off.